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SIOR conferences are much more than simply "Spring" and "Fall." Introducing SIOR's newly named 360 events: TransACT 360 and CREate 360.
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    SIOR conferences have long been considered the most important events of the year for SIOR designees and others involved in the sale or lease of commercial real estate. Take a look at the new 360 view.

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    TransACT 360 is the place to conduct business and acquire tactical intelligence that can be put to use right away. Attendees are surrounded by deal-making from every angle. 

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    CREate 360 provides a high-level, 30,000-foot view of the industrial and office real estate landscape. It’s where ideas transform into opportunities.

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Upcoming Events


Indian Wells, CA

TransACT 360

Renaissance Indian Wells


Dublin, Ireland

2020 SIOR International European Conference

The Conrad Hotel


Boston, MA

CREate 360

Sheraton Boston

2021 TransACT 360

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2021 TransACT 360

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth

2021 CREate 360

Nashville, TN

2021 CREate 360

Renaissance Nashville

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