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Application Instructions

The application process is now online. Complete these steps below to apply for membership. Please contact your Admissions Manager with any questions.


Review Requirements

Review all relevant requirements for membership, including:


Request Login

Obtain a username and password to access the secure online form to apply for membership.

Request Username and Password 




Submit Application

Current applicants with a username and password must complete and submit the application and supporting documents. 

The Admissions Process

Step 1

Manager of Admissions reviews the application and sends to Chapter Admissions Chair for Interview. The Chapter has 30 days to conduct the interview.

Note: Applicants from Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico do not fall within a Chapter’s jurisdiction. The Chapter interview will be conducted by the appropriate Regional Director and the endorsements can be from any Active SIOR Designee outside of the applicant’s firm.

Step 2

Manager of Admissions will announce the application to the Chapter members for comment.

Step 3

Manager of Admissions provides the Qualification Report & Endorsement Form to the applicant 10 business days from the date of the Chapter announcement.

Step 4

Applicant obtains and submits two Qualification Report & Endorsement Forms to the Manager of Admissions. Applicant has 60 days to remit to the Manager of Admissions.

Step 5

The Chapter has five days to do a final review of the application with Qualifications Reports and Endorsements. If the Chapter Admissions Chair has any final questions, s/he has the opportunity to conduct a second interview before signing off on the application

Step 6

SIOR’s Chapter Leadership Council votes monthly to approve applications.

Step 7

Applicant is notified of results.

Application Process & Conditions

SIOR’s admissions procedure, conducted pursuant to the terms of SIOR’s Bylaws, seeks to assure that applicants for all classes of membership are fully and fairly evaluated in terms of qualification criteria stated in the Bylaws and Policy Manual, as may be modified from time to time. Membership is to be conferred upon all persons demonstrating achievement of the applicable criteria; and no applicant will be admitted on any other basis.

Although not required, applicants are encouraged to contact the Chapter Admissions Chair for their jurisdiction if they have questions about the Chapter review process. To find your Chapter Admissions Chair, visit and select your state.

Applications that do not clearly meet the requirements will be sent to the Membership Standards & Admissions Committee for review and recommendation. The Manager of Admissions or Committee may request additional information relevant to an applicant’s qualifications. The Manager of Admissions or Committee examines all relevant materials and makes a recommendation to the Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) concerning further action. The CLC may recommend that applications be approved, approved subject to the fulfillment of educational requirements and/or ethics training, disapproved, or postponed pending the receipt of additional factual information or an interpretation of the Bylaws. The Chapter Leadership Council takes final action on the recommendations of the Manager of Admissions and/or Admissions Committee.

SIOR Chapter Membership & Dues

Chapter Membership is required and contingent upon approval of membership in SIOR. Active Individual, Affiliate Members, and Member Associate within a Chapter's jurisdiction must fulfill applicable Chapter dues. Please contact the local Chapter for dues requirements.

SIOR’s application processing procedure, conducted pursuant to the terms of SIOR’s Bylaws, seeks to assure that applicants are fully and fairly evaluated in terms of qualification criteria as stated in the SIOR Bylaws.


National Association of REALTORS Dues

Individual Active Members located in the United States must be a member in good standing of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR).  Members can elect to pay $105 NAR Institute Affiliate Dues through SIOR or through a REALTOR Association. Please contact for more information.

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