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Reinstate Your Membership

Membership Reinstatement

Former Individual Active Members can reinstate SIOR membership if the membership was cancelled in good standing within the last five years and the member maintained Individual Active Membership for at least three years.  

Former Active members who wish to reinstate their memberships must complete a Reinstatement Application within five years of their cancellation date.

Former Active members who do not meet the criteria outlined above, should proceed with the standard admissions process to rejoin SIOR.

Please contact Michael Topp, Vice President of Membership, at mtopp@sior.com or +1(202) 449-8216 with questions.

SIOR’s application processing procedure, conducted pursuant to the terms of SIOR’s Bylaws, seeks to assure that applicants are fully and fairly evaluated in terms of qualification criteria as stated in the SIOR Bylaws.


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