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Retired Membership

Eligible Active Individual members have the option to transfer to SIOR Retired Membership.

Benefits of Retired Membership

  • Invited to participate in all SIOR activities.
  • Use the SIOR Retired designation.
  • Listed in the SIOR online directory as “SIOR Retired.”

Retired Membership Requirements

Retired membership is available to Active Individual members who fulfill the following requirements:

  • INACTIVITY: no longer active in the industry except for facilitating own portfolio; AND
  • Must meet one of the following requirements:
    • Is 65 years of age or older and; or
    • Is a Member in good standing for at least 15 years or more; or
    • Has a serious chronic illness or disability.

Admission Process

Prepare an Application

Submit completed Retired Application and signed Retired Verification Affidavit to SIOR Membership at membership@sior.com. Manager of Admissions will notify the Chapter membership.

Obtain Verification from Chapter

Once completed, you will receive a signed Retired Verification Affidavit from a Chapter Officer

Review and Confirm Eligibility 

SIOR’s Chapter Leadership Council votes monthly to approve applications by reviewing and confirming the eligibility of the requirements.

SIOR Membership Fees*

  • Application Fee: $50 (non-refundable)
  • Canada and United States Annual Dues: $200
  • International (outside Canada and United States): $100

*First year dues are prorated based on time as Active and Retired Member.

SIOR Chapter Dues

Retired Members are not required to pay Chapter dues. Retired Members remaining active in the Chapter may be required to pay applicable Chapter dues.

SIOR’s application processing procedure, conducted pursuant to the terms of SIOR’s Bylaws, seeks to assure that applicants are fully and fairly evaluated in terms of qualification criteria as stated in the SIOR Bylaws.

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