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CRE Index

Commercial Real Estate Index

The SIOR Commercial Real Estate Index (CREI) is an attitudinal survey of local markets completed by commercial real estate market experts (SIOR members). The survey is conducted quarterly and helps measure the state of the commercial real estate market for the United States.

About the Index

The SIOR Commercial Real Estate Index is constructed as a “diffusion index,” a very common and familiar indexing technique for economic measures.

In the SIOR Commercial Real Estate Index, a value of 100 represents a well-balanced market for industrial and office property. Values significantly lower than 100 indicate weak market conditions; values significantly higher than 100 indicate strong market conditions. The theoretical limits of this Index are a low of zero, and a high of 200, though it is unlikely that such limits would be approached as long as the property markets are operating efficiently. Read more...

Q1 2020 SIOR Index by Region

Q1 2020 SIOR Index by Product Type

Recent Market Updates

2020 Analyses

Quarter 1 2020 Analysis - SIOR Survey Shows Coronavirus Impact on Office and Industrial Markets in 2020 Q1

2019 Analyses

Quarter 4 2019 Analysis - SIOR Commercial Index Shows a Pickup in Office and Industrial Markets in 2019 Q4
Quarter 3 2019 Analysis - SIOR Index Shows Continued Weakening in Industrial and Office Markets in 2019 Q3
Quarter 2 2019 Analysis - Industrial and Office Market Weakens in 2019 Q2
Quarter 1 2019 Analysis - Stronger Economic Growth Bolsters Industrial and Office Market in 2019 Q1

2018 Analyses
Quarter 4 2018 Analysis - SIOR Market Growth Moderates in Q4.2018, Buffeted by Financial Market Volatility
Quarter 3 2018 Analysis - Slowdown in Business Investments Moderates SIOR Market Advance in Q3 2018
Quarter 2 2018 Analysis - Solid Exports and Business Investments Drive 6.7 Percent SIOR Market Advance in Q2 2018
Quarter 1 2018 Analysis - Employment and Trade Gains Boost Commercial Real Estate Activity in SIOR Markets

2017 Analyses
Quarter 4 2017 Analysis - SIOR Commercial Real Estate Index Closes 2017 at Record Level
Quarter 3 2017 Analysis - SIOR Commercial Markets Ride Economic Pick-up in Q3 2017
Quarter 2 2017 Analysis - SIOR Commercial Markets Benefit from Employment Gains in Q2 2017 
Quarter 1 2017 Analysis - GDP Advance Drives SIOR Index Gain to New Heights in First Quarter of 2017

2016 Analyses
Quarter 4 2016 Analysis - Spurred by Employment Gains, SIOR Index Closes 2016 at Highest Level on Record
Quarter 3 2016 Analysis - Advance in Office and Industrial Markets Softens in Third Quarter of 2016
Quarter 2 2016 Analysis - 
SIOR Index Reaches New Record in Second Quarter of 2016
Quarter 1 2016 Analysis - Economic Weakness Leads to Momentum Pause for SIOR Index

2015 Analyses

For older Commercial Real Estate Index Articles, please contact media@sior.com

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